• How to tie an ideal bow

    12/09/2018 10:17

    Is there anything more pleasant than receiving gifts? Of course giving them! What counts is not only what is in the box, but also how the gift was packed. We will show you how to tie an ideal bow!

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    22/02/2018 08:20

    Idyllic scenery of a barn or a cosy cottage lost somewhere deep in the woods. Natural materials, simple yet charming floral decorations: ivy garlands or even moss-covered baskets. Tables with tree trunks instead of chairs, vintage milk jugs to hold fresh flowers on them. Rustic weddings have never been more popular. Some venues may simply offer you the right space filled with beautiful ready-made details and romantic scenery included whereas other venues may have this as optional extras.  For example, what could be more fun than going to a wedding party in a horse-drawn wagon or make a memorable exit on a wheelbarrow! However, if you appreciate the rustic style, yet do believe that it is your job to create the wedding of your dreams, you may find these tips inspiring.

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