Will be needed:
1. Ribbon (we used a 38mm burgundy satin ribbon - 110cm), box (size:19cmx19xmx7cm) & sharp scissors.

2. Stretch the ribbon along the gift.

3. Turn it upside down and in the middle we intertwine the ribbon. 

4. Transfer a right part of a ribbon through the centre.

5. Next tighten the two ends of the ribbons.

6. Make a loop from the bottom of the ribbon and place the other end of the ribbon on it.

7. Roll around the first end and drag through the loop.

8. Pull gently on both ends, giving the ribbon the right shape.

9. Use sharp scissors and cut the tips.

10. The gift is ready!

Orange woven edge organza ribbon - 38mm

Teel double sided satin ribbon - 25mm