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  • Tips to Decorate a Birthday Cake

    Birthdays are one of the most celebrated occasions for any person. It’s a time when friends, family members and close ones come together to spend time and celebrate. It could be a small gathering at home or for some, it’s a chance to go all out and make that person feel special (you could even stretch out and plan a surprise party for them too, but that is a lot of work!). One of the most important things for a birthday occasion is the cake for your loved one. If you’re a baking enthusiast or a complete novice (like myself but enjoys watching the Great British Bake Off!) making that cake yourself is the most satisfying and rewarding thing you can do. Why not be brave and make it! You might surprise yourself and many have told me it’s actually been very therapeutic. You might also have so much fun decorating it. Decorate using a theme or a favourite icon or activity they love to do. It is a perfect way to show how much you love that person.

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  • 5 Amazing Tips to Plan a Perfect Winter Wedding

    There is always something special about winter weddings. The climate, the breezy weather, and starry nights feel so magical when you hold your partner’s hand and take the oath to stay together forever. For many couples, it’s like a dream come true. Well, winter is here, and if you’re planning to get married, then this is the best time to do it.

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  • Steps to Prepare a Perfect Gift Box?

    Gift Box

    Gifts are always a great way to show your appreciation, love or affection towards your friends, family or loved ones. It is a way to represent how much you care about that person. There is an infinite number of gifts available in the market that you can give to that special person, such as something small like luxury handmade chocolates, a book from their favourite author or even just their favourite flavoured cupcake from their favourite bakery! However if you have a reasonable budget, you can also give expensive gifts like jewellery, designer clothing or vouchers to a theatre show or musical that they’ve been talking about for ages!

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